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This is Me!

Mel Horvath-Lucid

In a world that seems to value opening doors and closing windows, I seek to bring voice to the between, the hallway, the spaces of transition that make up the bulk of our lives, and hold so much richness, if we dare for a moment to reflect.  My work seeks to bring voice to the inner journey, to the metaphoric closets that we occupy, roles we assume and games we play, to avoid really meeting ourselves or one another.  To bring voice to the sacrifice of fitting in and the true power and transformative potential of spaces of dignity and belonging, within us and around us.  We are a society longing to be.  I write and speak from my heart, from my pain, from my growing edges.  I am a proud queer, wild creative.  I experience the world through the lens of creative co-creation.  I support the depth and quality of my writing through deep, deliberate self-reflection, art journaling, and a full commitment to creating “shitty art” to find within that, gems of the human journey, both the shit and magnificence that make up this life, and each and every one of us.  To no longer separate the good from the bad, and rather to stand firmly in the real, and meet it.

Whether engaging with others through Spiritual Direction, coaching, workshop facilitation, breathwork, meditation, tantric education or yoga, the heartbeat of the work is encouraging deliberate reflection and the weavinng of ceremony, spiritual and somatic practices into all aspects of life.  To truly live this one wild and precious life, well and fully.

My Philosophy

How I see it!

Image by Elia Pellegrini

As a Spiritual Director,  My passion is companioning people and communities on their journey.  I especially value exploring the edges and seeing things from a different lens;  both within one's self, and in relationship with others.  This journey is a creative process. Myers-briggs, enneagrams, dream work, creative and embodied practices are all aspects that can add to the loving presence and deep listening that hold the space we share together.

Often times, people will come to see me because they are at a cross road or time of transition, and are looking to reconcile an aspect of themselves that they feel is at odds with the world, spirituality or within themselves and they are seeking to explore this further.

I am an advocate and celebrator of the unique, the divergent, the difference, that is a part of all of us.  I especially enjoy working with youth and folks of all ethnicities, ages, genders, sexual orientations, diverse abilities, relationship styles and dynamics, including those in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships.

Interested in booking me as a speaker, facilitator, for retreat work, team development or individual work?  Just reach out, and let's talk further!  

Balancing Rocks

The path that brought me to here

My work in Restorative Justice, Mediation, faith communities, with children and youth, Community Development and Spiritual Direction (Haden Institute), yoga therapy and Authentic Tantra practices rooted in the Shangpa Kagyu lineage,  are all inspiration for my work which is a blend of approaches to engage the mind, body, emotions, both conscious and unconscious, and to grow awareness.

I facilitate space for others to explore there own "shitty magnificence", through workshops, speaking, Spiritual Direction, and consulting.  To challenge and grow our capacity to be with the world and ourselves, as we are, and transform in the process.

Weaving creativity and connection into these services and ceremony is genuinely my pleasure.  It has been a complete honour to walk with folks through many of life's transitions, and the multitude of emotions these rites of passage can bring.

My personal journey has been focused on progressively owning my own shit, and seeing within this work, transformation, magnificence and the common humanity and intimacy that can grow, when we work through challenges together.

I am a lifelong learner who believes in the value of traditional and non-westernized education, as well as the value of lived experience and innate gifts.

Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner

Institute of Authentic Tantra/Shangpa Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Lineage

Conflict Management Certificate:

Conrad Grebel, Waterloo Ontario

Spiritual Direction:

Haden Institute, NC, USA

Spiritual Insights training:

Fellowship of the Spirit, NY USA

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr:

Atlas Yoga Studio, Cambridge Ontario

Yoga Therapy Training 500hr:

Welkin Institute, Brantford Ontario

Reiki Master:

Voyage of Hope, Waterloo Ontario

Certified Holistic Nutritionist:

Alive Academy, British Columbia

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Facilitator (All levels):

Unitarian Universalist, Toronto Ontario

Interim Ministry Specialist:

UUA, Boston USA

Healthy Congregations Facilitator:

Healthy Congregations, USA


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