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Image by Joanna Kosinska

Certified Interfaith Spiritual Director

There is so much potential in you, so many ways your life can blossom. Without attention to your inner world, to your inspiration, to your own life force, and examination of the experiences that form our beliefs,  this existence can feel drab, empty, or even pointless.
There are so many paths to wholeness, and the focus becomes exploring what yours is.  Through deep reflective listening, space to reflect on all aspects of you, conscious and unconscious, I provide loving presence, and open space for you to meet yourself and explore who you are really are.  I work with folks from all spiritual, religious and atheist paths.

While Spiritual Direction is a co-creation designed to meet the needs of the seeker, examples of sessions could include a mix of:

Enneagram Coaching

Myers-Briggs Coaching

Oracle Cards

Meditation (Guided and silent)

Art Journaling or other creative process

Deep listening

Co-created ceremony

Embodied processes to support grief processes
Sliding scale $60.00-$90.00 per hour

Life, Relationship and conflict Coaching

Usually folks seek me out in this way because they are looking to think about something in a new or different way, and would like support, practical and tangible tools to shift a way of thinking or navigating through an experience in their lives.  This service is a mix of Meditation, conflict coaching tools, spiritual companionship to support you in determining next steps from an empowered and aware place.

Sliding scale $60.00-$90.00

Energy and body work healing

I am a trained yoga teacher/yoga therapist, Reiki Master, Authentic tantra practitioner (breathwork, massage, meditation, sexual education) and soundbath practitioner.  Depending on the clients needs and preferences, we co-create the experience and adjust accordingly.  Hourly rate is: $100.00  Please reach out for group rates for Yoga, breathwork, sexual education and soundbath.

Workshops, Speaking and Retreats

I run a number of workshops, events, retreats and speaking engagements.  Please reach out if you would like to explore something with me.  You can also check my event page to see what I have coming up!


Creative and embodied ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Altar

Celebrate Partnership

Civil unions (I am a licensed Officiant), spiritual and commitment unions, vow renewals 

Image by Noah Silliman

Celebrating rites of passage and meaningful moments

Co-creating meaningful rites of passage with you, is what I love to do!  Wedding, vow renewal, commitment ceremony, celebration of life, pet ceremony, baby naming, conscious uncoupling, divorce parties, grief, miscarriage, or anything else that you wish to place ceremony or intentional ceremony around, I am happy to help!  Cost varies from $150.00-$650.00 depending on what your needs are.   Contact me directly to talk about your needs and to get a no obligation quote.

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