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The gift of Minimalism

I had the honor of being interviewed by author Anne Bokma, back in 2018. Her most recent book, "My year of Living Spiritually" has really challenged me to continue to explore my own spirituality with openness, generosity and grace. Her ability to explore various topics, practices and experiences with curiosity, non-judgement and a good dose of humour, encourages me to continue being fearless in my own search for truth and meaning.

Living Minimally, is much more of a lifestyle then what I first anticipated. I am becoming more and more aware that the important act of sorting through our stuff, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual and asking, does this bring me joy? Does this have a purpose? It is never quite done, and what we do today, in this present moment matters. It is about living these questions, with curiosity and openness, on a continual basis. To continue that reflective activity of sorting through our stuff.

I have added the link below to the article Anne Bokma wrote on Minimalism. Enjoy!!!!

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